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30+ Amazing Tattoo Font Examples

Fonts are one of the most essential elements for web developers when designing a website or webpage. Majority of the developers want to use unique and powerful fonts in order to provide an awesome feel in their designs. The amount of different font styles is overwhelming and I won’t even try to mention all of them here. One of the popular typography designs used in web design is the tattoo font style. Tattoo fonts are commonly used by web designers to provide expressions and vintage feeling in their websites. These tattoo font designs are useful when incorporating words, names, short quotes and sayings.

Presently, tattoo-inspired fonts have become a huge influence on various aspects of design, from graphic illustration to website designs. Although most designers would want to try these awesome tattoo fonts, they are still quite limited for commercial and personal use compared to other fonts. To help you get started we have collected these amazing tattoo font examples. Some may be available for download, while others require permission. Please ask the author if you are not sure. Enjoy!

Delinquente – MORE INFO


This creative script font is perfect as featured quotes and sayings design. This font is available for free when personally used. However, it is purchased once the font is used for commercial purposes.

Shit Happens – MORE INFO

Shit Happens

This text tattoo was originally developed from a number of typefaces online. This has been the most popular tattoo name font design due to its increased number of downloads. This font is available for personal and commercial use.

Angilla Tattoo – MORE INFO

Angilla Tattoo

This set of script-based tattoo typography is created by freelance graphic designer Mans Greback. It contains 357 font characters, wherein all can be used freely for personal use. However, designers who want to use it commercially can purchase the font.

Los Angeles – MORE INFO

Los Angeles

This font is way better than other tattoo typography styles, as far as tattoo fonts go. This font design is inspired from the memories of LA drive-bys and punk races showing tattooed rough guys.

True Man Tattoos – MORE INFO

True Man Tattoos

For web designers who are seeking for a font-based collection of artistic tattoos, then this set can be a great choice. This set features a number of tattoo-inspired fonts that can be used non-commercially for free.

CM Tattoo Dragon – MORE INFO

CM Tattoo Dragon

This movie-inspired tattoo font is created by Christopher Means, who draws inspiration from the poster of the movie ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. This set of fonts is free for personal use.

Tattoo Ink – MORE INFO

Tattoo Ink

This particular art decoration style font was designed by typography designer Ryan Split, who features a set of letters and number tattoo fonts containing angle fill and scratch fill effects.

Canterbury – MORE INFO


Canterbury is an old English-inspired font created by designer Dieter Steffman in 2003. This set features both upper and lower cases of letters, numbers and special characters. It is free for commercial and personal use.

Tribal – MORE INFO


These tattoo fonts are very popular nowadays. It contains a full set of upper and lower case letters, including numbers and some of the most-used special characters. These fonts can be used for commercial and non-commercial uses.

Ink to the Meat – MORE INFO

Ink to the Meat

This tattoo-inspired typography is one of the most popular downloads online. Ink to the Meat features unique calligraphy with narrow and bold fonts. Its free version contains upper and lower letter cases.

Lupus Blight – MORE INFO

Lupus Blight

This is another form of tribal font that features delicate typefaces and unique typography, which is quite different from normally quite bold and heavy design. This font is available for both personal and commercial uses.

VTC Nue Tattoo Script – MORE INFO

VTC Nue Tattoo Script

A delicate script-inspired typography is one of the most downloaded typefaces online. It features a quirky feel, which is presented in narrow textures. This tattoo script font is available for personal and commercial use.

Drunk Tattoo – MORE INFO

Drunk Tattoo

Designed by xerographer fonts, this casual and handwritten typeface features a lightweight characters and fonts that designers will surely enjoy. However, it only contains a full set of upper and lower case letters.

Tattoo Lettering – MORE INFO

Tattoo Lettering

When looking for a cartoon-feel tattoo-inspired typography, then this kind of font might be the right one to choose. This set contains two sets, the first one outlined, while other is in black bold letters. However, both sets contain upper case letters, numbers and special characters.

Dearest – MORE INFO


This typical tattoo-inspired typography features classic typeface with bold features and texture. This set contains upper letter cases, numbers and special characters that web designers will surely try out for their website.

Blessed Day Font – MORE INFO

Blessed Day Font

This classic calligraphy is one of the most downloaded fonts online. It is perfect for websites with formal theme or country feel. It features upper and lower letter cases, as well as numerals and special characters.

Shanghai – MORE INFO


This Western-inspired font is not just common typography used as tattoos, but it also used as character font designs in websites. This features uppercase letters and numbers, providing an Eastern-look on the web pages.

Anglo Saxon – MORE INFO

Anglo Saxon

This classic font is one of the most used typography in website designs. Also utilized as tattoos to some people, the Anglo Saxon font has upper and lowercase and numbers.

Tribal Garamond – MORE INFO

Tribal Garamond

This type of tribal script fonts for tattoos is perfect typography addition for website designs online. It features upper and lower letter cases, as well as number and special characters.

Chang Chang – MORE INFO

Chang Chang

Bold, jagged edges and thick texture – these are the characteristics that this creative font possesses. This typography set contains both the upper and lower cases, including numbers and special characters.

High on Fire – MORE INFO

High on Fire

High on Fire is a unique font for tattoos that can be utilized as one of the best typography designs. This set features uppercase of fonts, numbers and other characters.

Exotica – MORE INFO


This unique set of tattoo-inspired font presents creative typefaces inspired from relics and statue designs during ancient times. The set contains uppercase letters and Arabic numerals as well.

Tattoo Heavy – MORE INFO

Tattoo Heavy

This simple typography features a classic typography that is commonly engraved as tattoos in every individual online. The set contains uppercase letter fonts and Arabic numerals, and it is one of the most downloaded fonts online.

Argel Font – MORE INFO

Argel Font

This unique calligraphic typography shows a creative way of presenting cursive writing as an element for a web design. It is available for personal and business use on the web.

Beech Font – MORE INFO

Beech Font

This font is commonly seen in henna tattoo designs at beaches during summer. This creative typography features tattoo number fonts, upper and lowercase letters and other special characters. It can be perfectly used in online sites.

Cute Tattoo – MORE INFO

Cute Tattoo

This unique comical set of typography features adorable and tattoo-inspired fonts that can be a great addition to every website design online. This set contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Black letter – MORE INFO

Black letter

This classic typography presents thick and bold fonts that are sometimes associated in tattoos. It can also be utilized as one of the elements in web design. This tattoo font is available in personal and commercial use.

Zoe Graphic Font – MORE INFO

Zoe Graphic Font

This unique, edgy tattoo font is perfect for websites with abstract and messy themes. It can be associated with different bright colors as well. This font can be utilized in personal and business purposes.

Walt Disney Script Font – MORE INFO

Walt Disney Script Font

This font is a known signature icon of Walt Disney, a multinational mass media corporation loved by children and young at heart across the globe. It contains number fonts for tattoos aside from letters.



This scribble-like tattoo font is one of the most downloaded fonts online. It features classic look of the letters, numbers, and special characters that designers can use in their websites.

Bleeding Cowboys – MORE INFO

Bleeding Cowboys

This customized tattoo-inspired typography is perfect addition as website designs for online sites. It features a wide variety of letter fonts, numbers and special characters. This tattoo font is available for free.

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