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35 Awesome Website Header Designs

Your website header is one of the most crucial aspects of the web design. It is the first thing that users will see when they visit your site and therefore should be eye catching. However it should not lose its functionality so as to allow users to navigate your website easily. During the last few years the concept of website header changed dramatically. If the header was considered some years ago as just a place for a standard menu and simple logo, today, it is looked upon as a work of art.

Since the website header is often the first thing that is noticed by visitors, you need to be very careful in designing it. However, coming up with a unique design is always hard. This is why I decided to compile a short list that is composed of more than 30 website header designs that I think are awesome! As you browse on my collection, take note how each website header design has been made visually engaging and appealing while remaining very functional. I hope that they will serve as inspirations in creating your own attention grabbing header.

Let us know about your opinion on website header designs by sharing your thoughts on the comment section below. Have I failed to include a great website header that you know? Do you have a website header that you think should be added to my list? If this post inspired you please share it with your friends.

Wearecupcup – MORE INFO

Marchanddetrucs – MORE INFO



Art4web – MORE INFO


Pralinenschachtel – MORE INFO

Juan Diego Velasco – MORE INFO

Deborah Cavenaugh – MORE INFO

Cheesetique – MORE INFO

Pienternet – MORE INFO

Versions App – MORE INFO


Undergrad.Biola – MORE INFO

Lionite – MORE INFO

Culinary Culture – MORE INFO

Eedstitch – MORE INFO

Gapmedics – MORE INFO

Visitphilly – MORE INFO

Inchoo – MORE INFO


Chedonline – MORE INFO

Hotelrottnest – MORE INFO

Toasted Digital – MORE INFO

Alexandre Gomes – MORE INFO

Le28thiers – MORE INFO

Foxtie – MORE INFO

Aussie Bbq Legends – MORE INFO

Ectomachine – MORE INFO

Harmony Republic – MORE INFO

Mikedascola – MORE INFO

Black Moondev – MORE INFO

Adaptd – MORE INFO

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  • Peter Hopfinger

    Can someone build a header for my business site? I really like these ones. Great work.I wish I could do the same. If someone thinks to get the right one for my site please let me know.

  • bennywise

    Love the headers! Much better than my site. Anyone have any ideas for Looking forward to a few suggestions!