forced perspective photography

20 Forced Perspective Photography Examples For Your Enjoyment

Forced perspective photography makes viewers believe that some objects are larger or smaller than they actually are. It manipulates human visual perception, which is referred to by some people as optical illusion.

Forced perspective photography is not hard actually and it does not require any specialized knowledge, equipment or skills. All you really need is a camera, perfect timing and setting, patience to choreograph the visual illusion, an accomplice, imagination and lots of creative juice. As you may observe from the 20 forced perspective photography examples I have presented below, you can practice the art anywhere – at home, from your backyard or even while traveling. In some instances, it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

If you have more forced perspective photographs or other interesting photography websites, please share them with us through the comment section below. If you have friends who are interested in forced perspective photography, you are welcome to share this post with them. I also encourage you to take a look at these incredible examples of food manipulation photography.

Forced Perspective – MORE INFO

Forced Perspective

Photo by xXshuemaraXx

Dee Blows Off Some Steam – MORE INFO

Dee Blows Off Some Steam

Photo by George Hatcher

Sound Waves – MORE INFO

Sound Waves

Photo by William Chew

Forced Photography Pic of the Washing Monument – MORE INFO

Forced Photography Pic of the Washing Monument

Photo by DarkWaltzFairy

My Toy Elephant – MORE INFO

My Toy Elephant

Photo by Jason Wong

Spring Cleaning – MORE INFO

Spring Cleaning

Photo by DreamBig20761

Forced Perspective – MORE INFO

Forced Perspective

Photo by Kenzie Saunders

Time To Duel – MORE INFO

Time To Duel

Photo by DreamBig20761

Snack Time – MORE INFO

Snack Time

Photo by GranolaSol

Tim Tastes The Rainbow – MORE INFO

Tim Tastes The Rainbow

Photo by Aaron Williamson

Use The Force – MORE INFO

Use The Force

Photo by DreamBig20761

Playing with Perspective – MORE INFO

Playing with Perspective

Photo by Jeff M for Short



Photo by Lucky13lost

Ant Meet Foot – MORE INFO

Ant Meet Foot

Photo by DreamBig20761

Clouds in a Can – MORE INFO

Clouds in a Can

Photo by DreamBig20761

Baby Mugging – MORE INFO

Baby Mugging


Hot Dog

Photo by oastforbrekkie

Salar de Uyuni – MORE INFO

Salar de Uyuni

Photo by Andrew Miller



Photo by Thanh Nguyen

The Perfect Shot – MORE INFO

The Perfect Shot

Photo by Lorenia

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