30 Clean Website Designs – Want Minimalistic Inspiration?

Clean website designs are characterized by their clutter free and simple appeal. In recent years clean and minimalist web design has become a style staple on the internet, although the style has been popular for years already. The reason is that it offers a lot of benefits. Clean websites load quicker, use fewer server resources and much faster to complete than more complicated designs. And to top it all, it can provide a clean and professional impression to visitors.

In spite of these benefits, many people are still viewing clean and minimalist websites as boring. Take note though that there is real art in making an effective clean website design, something that is not mastered effectively by all designers. When the amount of graphic elements is restricted and the focus is placed on typography and negative space, it is crucial that the designer have an eye for proportion and spacing.

It is always nice if you could browse on some clean website examples to know they do not have to be boring and plain. So in this post, I have presented 30 clean website designs for your review. Bear in mind that a clean website is all about having something simple, without unnecessary elements and allegories. So once you have checked out my list, share your thoughts with us through the comment section below. If this post inspired you, please share it with your friends.

Living Edge – MORE INFO

Living Edge clean website

Touch Tech – MORE INFO

Touch Tech clean website

Amy Woodside – MORE INFO

Amy Woodside clean website


Touch clean website

Shane Prendergast – MORE INFO

Shane Prendergast clean website

Beckin Design – MORE INFO

Beckin Design clean websites

Display – MORE INFO

Display minimalist websites

Manual Creative – MORE INFO

Manual minimalist websites

Wallmob – MORE INFO

Wallmob clean website

Studio Airport – MORE INFO

Studio Airport clean website

Established and Sons – MORE INFO

Established and Sons clean websites

Wootten – MORE INFO

Wootten clean website

Mazarine – MORE INFO

Mazarine minimalist websites

Oli Lisher – MORE INFO

Oli Lisher clean website


Shout clean websites

Thankful – MORE INFO

Thankful clean website

Sugar Rush Creative – MORE INFO

Sugar Rush Creative minimalist websites

Activeark – MORE INFO

Activeark clean website

Studiobrun – MORE INFO

Studiobrun clean website


MMMinimal clean website

Coastal Conservation League – MORE INFO

Coastal Conservation League clean website


Finch clean website

Richard Photo Lab – MORE INFO

Richard Photo Lab clean websites

Nick Harrison – MORE INFO

Nick Harrison minimalist websites

Lars Tornoe – MORE INFO

Lars Tornoe clean websites

This is Grow – MORE INFO

This is Grow clean website

Cedric Vella – MORE INFO

Cedric Vella clean website


AD 60 clean website

Hocus Focus – MORE INFO

Hocus Focus clean websites

Elliot Jay Stocks – MORE INFO

Elliot Jay Stocks clean website

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