30+ Mesmerizing Cloud Wallpapers

Cloud wallpapers will allow you to bring a piece of the outdoors inside and into your desktop. There is something that is so magical about looking up into the sky and watching cloud formations change endlessly. Somehow, clouds can give you that dreamy moment, when you just want to while away the time alone with your thoughts and fantasy. Sunlight filtering through heavy clouds or even storm clouds is but fleeting moments that you cannot hold except in your memory.

However, there are expert photographers that made it their business to look for stunning puff formations in the sky and transform them into amazing cloud wallpapers. Such cloud backgrounds transform transient moments into gorgeous images that you can watch as long as you want.

In this post, I will introduce you to a list of more than 30 cloud wallpapers that will mesmerize you. They can help you relax after a tiring day and fill your thoughts with mindless fantasies, even if only for a short time each day. What computer background are you using? Have you used cloud wallpapers before? Please share your thoughts on cloud wallpapers with us through the comment section below. If my list enthralled you, kindly share it with your friends who might need cloud wallpapers in their desktops.

Fairy Clouds – MORE INFO

Fairy Clouds cloud wallpapers

Storm Clouds – MORE INFO

Storm Clouds cloud wallpapers

Fire in the Sky – MORE INFO

Fire in the Sky cloud wallpapers

Thick Clouds – MORE INFO

Thick Clouds cloud wallpapers

Rainbow Among Clouds – MORE INFO

Rainbow Among Clouds cloud backgrounds

Clouds – Sky & Nature Wallpaper – MORE INFO

Clouds - Sky & Nature Wallpaper cloud wallpapers

Lightnings – MORE INFO

Lightnings cloud desktop backgrounds

Above White Clouds Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Above White Clouds Wallpapers cloud wallpapers

Clouds with Water – MORE INFO

Clouds with Water cloud wallpapers[3]

Mt. Ho Hwan Clouds – Taiwan – MORE INFO

Mt. Ho Hwan Clouds - Taiwan cloud backgrounds

Floating Beauty – MORE INFO

Floating Beauty cloud backgrounds

Sunrise Above The Clouds Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Sunrise Above The Clouds Wallpapers cloud desktop backgrounds

Dark Clouds Moving In – MORE INFO

Dark Clouds Moving In cloud desktop backgrounds

October Sky Wallpapers – MORE INFO

October Sky Wallpapers cloud desktop wallpaper

Burning Sky – MORE INFO

Burning Sky cloud desktop wallpaper

Above the Clouds Wallpaper – MORE INFO

Above The Clouds Wallpapers cloud screensavers

Mystic Clouds – MORE INFO

Mystic Clouds cloud screensavers

Simple Summer Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Simple Summer Wallpapers cloud wallpaper

Mountain Peak Above the Clouds – MORE INFO

Mountain Peak Above the Clouds cloud wallpaper for computer

Clouds Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Clouds Wallpapers cloud wallpaper for computer

Sea Sunset – MORE INFO

Sea Sunset cloud wallpapers

Beyond The Clouds – MORE INFO

Beyond The Clouds cloud wallpapers

Clouds – MORE INFO

Clouds cloud wallpaper

Dark Day at the Lake – MORE INFO

Dark Day at the Lake cloud wallpapers

Above The Clouds Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Above The Clouds Wallpapers cloud wallpapers

Clouds  – MORE INFO

Clouds cloud wallpapers

Omnipresent Clouds – MORE INFO

Omnipresent Clouds cloud wallpapers

Clouds Over Water – MORE INFO

Clouds Over Water cloud wallpapers

Clouds Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Clouds Wallpapers cloud backgrounds

The Thunder Rolls – MORE INFO

The Thunder Rolls cloud wallpapers

Monument Valley Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Monument Valley Wallpapers cloud desktop backgrounds

Farmland Wallpapers – MORE INFO

Farmland Wallpapers cloud wallpapers

Endless Spaces – MORE INFO

Endless Spaces cloud wallpapers

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