30 Teal Background Website Designs

Teal background has become quite trendy in web design. The color has a special quality that is as enchanting as it is welcoming. With this post, you will know exactly what I am talking about through the collection of 30 website designs using teal background, which I presented below.

Teal is a color that is not known to many people. It is a blue green to dark low medium saturated color, which is similar to medium blue green and dark cyan. You can deepen the hue by adding more black or gray color. Teal is complementary with Coral and is among the first group that consists of 16 HTML/CSS colors formulated in 1987. In the English language, Teal was first recorded as a name of a color in 1917.

Selecting the right colors for your website must not be taken lightly as it would affect the mood of the viewers directly. Bold, bright colors can stand out but if you do not want to be as visible, you will do well with a Teal background. Of course, if you are designing a corporate or business website, you can always go for blue color scheme.

Enjoy browsing on my list of Teal background designs. Once you are done, please take the time to leave your ideas and opinions on Teal background through the comment section below. If this Teal background design article inspired you, do not hesitate to share it with your friends.


Skype teal background

Feed Stitch – MORE INFO

Feed Stitch teal background

Tileables – MORE INFO

Tileables teal background

Inservio – MORE INFO

Inservio teal background

Bones Brigade – MORE INFO

Bones Brigade color teal

The Alamo Basement – MORE INFO

The Alamo Basement teal background

Milkable – MORE INFO

Milkable color web

MyLittleGeek – MORE INFO

MyLittleGeek color teal

Dumbo Townhouses – MORE INFO

Dumbo Townhouses teal background


Yodaa color web

Ostmodern – MORE INFO

Ostmodern teal backgrounds

Plums Media – MORE INFO

Plums Media teal backgrounds

Daniel Moir – MORE INFO

Daniel Moir teal background

Alcomi – MORE INFO

Alcomi teal color

Macquarie – MORE INFO

Macquarie teal color

Maniac Monday Media – MORE INFO

Maniac Monday Media teal color scheme

Koorman – MORE INFO

Koorman teal color scheme

Lost Worlds Fairs – MORE INFO

Lost Worlds Fairs teal websites


Nike teal background

Puma Talk – MORE INFO

Puma Talk teal colors

Gower Designs – MORE INFO

Gower Designs teal colors

Blueray – MORE INFO

Blueray the color teal

Thomas Doumen – MORE INFO

Thomas Doumen teal websites

Back Beat Media –MORE INFO

Back Beat Media teal websites

Bioipsum – MORE INFO

Bioipsum teal background

From The Couch – MORE INFO

From The Couch teal background

Adlucent – MORE INFO

Adlucent teal background

Creative Pundits – MORE INFO

Creative Pundits teal backgrounds


Vimeo teal background

Cheese Please – MORE INFO

Cheese Please teal backgrounds

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