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30 Amazing Digital Painting Tutorials That Will Challange Your Patience

Digital painting is a design trend and art form that have become quite popular. This is not surprising actually as digital paintings are beautiful and full of life.

They take advantage of cutting edge technologies and the coolest part is that you can actually purchase these paintings as prints and display them in your home, office or studio.

Because digital paintings are so vibrant, trendy and full of life, lots of people aspire to learn this technique. However, even though a lot of excellent Photoshop tutorials are popping up on the internet each week, there is a noticeable decline in digital painting tutorials and examples. The reason may be because such tutorials are more time consuming and complicated to make. Yet if you are aspiring to be a great digital painting artist, you have to explore the variety of techniques involved in creating a well-crafted digital painting.

If you want to learn and be a inspired and amazed by this incredible craft, here are 30 digital painting tutorials that will help you with your creative adventure. Many of these ultramodern projects involve blending of traditional techniques with the digital canvas to generate stunning paintings.

Happy browsing and please share your thoughts with us through the comment section below. You may also share this post with your friends if the digital painting examples and tutorials will be of interest to them.

Create a Photo-Realistic Fried Egg – MORE INFO

fried egg

How To Paint A Realistic Eye In Photoshop

Rihanna Digital Painting– MORE INFO


Tutorial for a Digital Painting Technique

How to Paint a Surreal Scene in Photoshop– MORE INFO

how to paint a sureal

Making of Jeremiah 2d Painting tutorial in Adobe Photoshop CS3– MORE INFO


Digitally Painted Hair Tutorial

Making of Ash and Sam– MORE INFO

making ofash

Making Of ‘Equilibrium’– MORE INFO

making of equilibrium

Natalie Portman Digital Painting

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Magic Glowing and Sparkly Wood Scenery– MORE INFO


Matte Painting: Maison hantée– MORE INFO


1-3 How to paint lips tutorial by Neil Fontaine

Making of Monkey– MORE INFO

making of monkey

Making of ‘Renaissance’– MORE INFO

making f renaisance

Painting Jake Sully’s Avatar– MORE INFO

painting of jake sully

Making Of ‘Beautiful’– MORE INFO

making of beautiful

Making of Superbad– MORE INFO


Sci-fi Environment Concept – MORE INFO


Making Of ‘Heaven and Hell’– MORE INFO


Photoshop tutorial: Paint 80’s airbrush effects– MORE INFO


Making Of ‘Hellboy’– MORE INFO


Advanced Tutorial: Creating ‘Broken Link’– MORE INFO


Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Colorful Woodpecker and Tree Scenery– MORE INFO

create accolorful

Making Of ‘Boudicca 3060 A.D.’– MORE INFO

making of bouding

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