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15 Outstanding Typography Tutorials For Exceptional Designs

Typography tutorials are very useful if you’re a designer. The reason is that typography is an important aspect of a design, no matter what discipline you are in. There should be no limit when it comes to learning and improving typography skills.

Typography is all about the utilization of text in a manner that will make it clean and very appealing. With a typography tutorial, you can learn all these and have an incredible means of exercising your skills.

Having great typography skills is a requirement for every designer and the way to develop it is to learn from the best practices that are available on the internet. However, finding all the great typography tutorials in one place could be quite tricky. That is, unless you read this post entirely.

Below, you will find 15 exceptional typography tutorials that you can utilize to improve your own skills. If I missed any great typography tutorials, please let us know through the comment section below. You may also share this post with your friends if you find it useful.

Create a Dream Design with 3D Typography – MORE INFO


In this tutorial, you will earn how to create a design based on 3D typography. Every element will revolve around the theme and centerpiece, which is “dreaming.” This word will prescribe the whole layout as well as control space by making everything come out from within.

Create “Awesome” 3D Style Lettering in Photoshop – MORE INFO


This is is a premium tutorial from Tuts+ that explains the creation of stunning 3D style typography that uses Photoshop illustrative techniques. The tutorial does not use any 3D tools or apps. Instead, it depends a lot on good sketch as well as your talent in light and shadow application.

Design a Skin-Textured Typography Scene in Photoshop – MORE INFO


This tutorial explains how to create textured 3D looking text effect within Photoshop without requiring any 3D applications or tools. All you need to do is to a text effect is sufficient idea of perspective, which will allow you to modify light distribution through color correction tools.

Peter Tarka’s Amazing 3D Typography – MORE INFO


Take a look at some of the best works of Peter Tarka, who is a talented illustrator from Poland. He is a graphic designer who established himself through his fantastic 3D typography.

Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop – MORE INFO


This tutorial explores a very simple idea and use of some stock photos and very blocky typeface.

Create Light Painted Typography From Scratch in Photoshop – MORE INFO


This is a premium PSD tutorial that demonstrates how to write words that are similar to light painting photography, but without the use of camera and tripod.

Create an awesome broken plate typography effect – MORE INFO


This tutorial explains how to make funny letters that have broken plates look. The tutorial starts in illustrator, showing how to modify the original font. The procedure then switches on to Photoshop to play with layer styles and textures.

Create Vibrant Typography in a Rough Cartoon Style – MORE INFO


Take a look at some popular typography treatments in this tutorial. This will give you an idea on creating cool typography and allow you to learn how to provide a good cartoon touch.

How To Create a Striking Typographic Illustration – MORE INFO


This is a typography treatment that is almost obsessive. It uses the power of raster, vector and 3D to create a typography design.

How to Create Explosive Typographic Effects in Cinema 4D – MORE INFO

final-pic1 (1)

This tutorial will teach you how to create an illustration that enlivens the term “collide.” Although you may want to create a different word, you could find the techniques covered in this article useful.

Create “Cool” Typography Using Paths in Photoshop – MORE INFO


This is a tutorial that demonstrates the creation of several cool custom typography.



This tutorial depicts the future generated from the past both in nonfiction and fiction time futurism.

Create Elegant, Glassy, 3D Typography – MORE INFO


In this tutorial, you will learn how to make glass and elegant typography in 3D with Illustrator and Photoshop.

Creating Retro Folded Typography Using Photoshop – MORE INFO

final (1)

This tutorial will teach you how to create vintage looking text that looks like it was constructed from folded paper strips.

Design a Grunge-Style Abstract Typography – MORE INFO


This tutorial teaches the methods of making grunge style abstract typography with Photoshop rusted metal texture.

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